We have plenty of suggestions of things you can do in this city. But if you’re after history and culture, Leeds hosts a wide selection of galleries and museums, including the Leeds City Museum, the Leeds Art Gallery and the Royal Armouries museum.

Leeds City Museum offers several floors of intriguing and interactive galleries. You’re able to explore the ancient worlds of Nesyamun and dig for fossils in the Life on Earth gallery. The museum is free and located in the Leeds Institute building on Millenium Square in the centre of the city. Additionally, you can encounter the Leeds tiger and the Leeds mummy.

Leeds Art Gallery is also located in the city centre and offers a broad range of art intended to inspire its many visitors. It has been described by John Russell Taylor of The Times as ‘Probably the best collection of twentieth-century British art outside London.’ The gallery hosts sculptures, contemporary arts, watercolours, prints and photography.

The Royal Armouries museum offers over 8500 objects across five different galleries. The galleries are divided according to different categories of armouries: oriental, self-defence, tournament, war and hunting. This museum is situated in Clarence Dock which isn’t far from the centre of the city.

Another excellent visit is Leeds Industrial Museum.

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